A2Research Co-Sponsoring Local VPP Council

 A2Research Co-Sponsoring Local VPP

A2Research, JV.  (A2R) and Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne,(PWR) are leading an initiative to develop a local area safety and health council to benefit industry in Southeast Louisiana and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. During recertification audits for both companies, the OSHA VPP Team Lead had strongly encouraged A2R and PWR to sponsor a local area VPP Council.  Whether your company is a current or potential VPP STAR worksite, or you have an exemplary safety and health program, we all strive to find new avenues to improve our company’s safety and health programs.   We feel this council will serve numerous benefits in our surrounding area, such as:

 · Support and enhance strategies and objectives to take safety culture to the next level, bring in new energies, new perspectives and ideas to our safety and health programs;

· Achieve and maintain consistent and effective safety & health programs for current and potential OSHA Voluntary Protection Program worksites across Southern Mississippi and Southeast Louisiana, striving for continuous improvement to provide our employees with a workplace free of hazards and to promote employee involvement opportunities;

 · Identify and establish safety & health initiatives, standardize measurement and management systems, and serve as a forum to share relevant skills and expertise in the area of safety & health.

     A2R and PWR chaired the first LA/MS Gulf Coast VPPC meeting on Thursday, March 14th.  There were approximately 50 attendees, BP, DuPont, Ingalls, and Avondale were some of the offsite attendees.  The A2R Environmental Manager presented an A2R program overview and shared VPP best practices with meeting members.

     The group expressed much interest in continuing the efforts of A2R and PWR to grow this local council. Future meetings are being planned throughout the area.